• World's  1st  web scale and classification based
    Knowledgebase Management Platform
    for  gathering,  analysing  &  sharing
    structured data  &  social media content
  • A radically innovative
    integrated,  seamless  &   future proof
    Web-based   Knowledge  Organisation  System
    for structured & unstructured   knowledge content
    of any depth, breadth   &   complexity
  • With fluent & exciting
    User Interfaces
    Data driven dynamic menu
    No-nonsense search tool
    Classified social media
    Automated data forms
    Push + Pull interactivity
    Single page content display
  • Efficient & Convenient
    Admin Tools
    Classification Creation Tool
    Databases Management Tool
    Social Media Tool
    Forms Attachment Tool
    Notification Push Tool
    Fine-grained Access Control Tool
  • With never seen before
    Search results without duplicates
    Universal Unique Identification
    Customisable Context Menus
    Filterable Data Reports
    Parallelly relational data type
    Hierarchically relational data storage
  • Wide Spectrum of Application Possibilities
    Carry out global or country wide census/ survey in real time
    Manage globally distributed businesses/ projects over the web
    Elevate ecommerce user experiences with dynamic menu & no-nonsense search
    Set up & Manage world wide knowledge or professional networks
    Create organisation/ subject specific knowledgebases on the Internet
  • Ambitious & Awesome Projects
    villagebook.in: A knowledgebase of all 1.7 Million Indian Villages
    metrobook.in: A knowledgebase of all Indian cities and towns
    b2blane.com: Global business exchange & knowledgebase
    getwellkm.com: Global healthcare knowledgebase
    uidglobal.com: Universal addressbook with locational UID s
    kmavenue.com: World wide knowledge networking space
    k-governance.com: Knowledge based governance (K-goveranance) tools

5 Special Features

MicroKM is a unique web-based knowledgebase management platform with time-saving & convenient user interfaces.

5 Core advantages

This knowledgebase management platform gives its users a host of new and significant advantages that other knowledge management systems cannot match. The value propositions of MicroKM are unique to its hierarchically relational data management architecture, which the big-data based systems cannot produce.

5 Awesome Projects

While the MicroKM platform can help build a vast variety of interactive and innovative knowledgebases as well as web applications, the immediate attention is on building projects that showcase its technological prowess and demonstrate the contributions it can make towards creating a better world and improving the quality of life.


A knowledgebase service project focused on 1.7 million plus villages of India. It will generate aggregated and disaggregated structured data along with social media content covering each & every Indian village without leaving any.


It would create a knowledge network for healthcare professionals, administrators as well as people who wish to remain abreast of latest medical research & practices. It will make use of the International Classification of diseases.


Built upon the International Trade Classification, it would help businesses find each other more easily, understand the relevant business & policy environments more clearly and carry out real-time business transactions.


A project to create unique identification codes for everything with inbuilt scope for adding any number of new entries. Such permanent unique identification would make the knowledge management process much easier


It will be a generic knowledgebase management framework which can use either an existing classification or create a new one for creating global or local knowledge networks in any well-defined domain or profession.

More to come ...

This platform is suitable not only for managing every kind of knowledge but also different types of processes. There will be more projects once its power & benefits become clear to businesses and governments.

Different ways to join hands with MicroKM

New technologies create exciting business opportunities and astute entrepreneurs and business leaders invariably turn these into winning businesses or competitive advantages. MicroKM is a new technology platform, which can help create as well as leverage business successes in several areas. MicroKM looks forward to forging win-win partnerships based on a shared vision and is open exploring different business models and options globally and locally.

Web services for every business

Make use of our web services for collecting real-time business data from your branch offices, dealers, and customers. We can set up a customised service that suits your specific needs.

Franchise entrpreneurs

All our projects require franchisees with whom MicroKM would share revenue. Right now, we are inviting franchisees from all over India for our 'Villagebook' & 'Metrobook' projects.

Project Partners/Sponsors

Most of our projects can be replicated easily in any country, business or domain. We are looking for partners and sponsors for setting up knowledgebase services in different segments.

Training partners

Our franchisees, data validators and marketing partners will require training in specific skill sets to become eligible. We welcome Institutions with online and offline training proficiency.

Data validators

Ensuring the reliability of data is one of our key value propositions. We have attractive reward plans for qualified persons who participate in our data validation processes

Knowledge Partners

Knowledge partnership can be for a specific technology or project. We are keen to source technologies and knowledge on an ongoing basis through win-win business models.

Digital Marketing Partners

All our projects incorporate social media, and there are immense opportunities for digital marketers to make use of these in conjunction with other popular platforms. Let's join hands.

Testing partners

We love testing and attach a premium to critical testing of databases, user interfaces and security implementations. Sign up for different types of testing and get rewarded.

Funding partners

MicroKM is implementing several projects, each having a unique funding modality. We welcome investors who seek to grow along with us. Some will have 100% crowdfunding too.

Our pledges towards creating a better world for all

Our vision is to create a better world. We are committed to contributing our bit to a happier and healthier planet. Creating 'more with less' is the way to go. The Web is getting bloated with repetitive, unvalidated and redundant content. Businesses are working harder than necessary. Government expenditures are going over the board. Our mission is to create information technology tools and solutions, which help create a better world by lessening workloads, bringing down energy consumption, increasing productivity and reducing redundancies.

Save Paper

Join our initiative to make the web completely data-driven & provide web-based tools for day to day life & work.

Save Energy

Let's strip the web of unnecessary and repetitive code and content and reduce data traffic & data centre energy use

Save Time

Save on total browsing time with the no-nonsense search that fetches the required info quickly & uniquely with certainty

Save Travel

Make use of real-time data gathering & interactive social media tools to conduct business online to reduce travel